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Hardwick Financial Solution’s Ltd specialises in claiming back money that is rightly owed to you. We understand that many customers were not being given the right financial help when taking out loans and when trying to claim back money, so we set up Hardwick Group of companies to ensure our clients get back what they deserve.

We were established in 2009 and are a complete Debt Solutions provider. When it comes to Financial solutions Hardwick come second to none. The Directors here at Hardwick have over 40 year’s experience between them in the Debt/Finance industry, so you can rest assured that with us you are in good hands.

We are a family run business with an ethical and friendly approach and understand that the relationships with our clients and lenders makes the difference to the results that we get as a company.

Hardwick is dedicated to claiming back what is rightfully yours. We have won awards thanks to our pursuit of justice, our legal and financial expertise; our track record of victories for clients and our clear, honest system of no win no fee.

We have claimed back more than £10 million for clients to date. In four years, our staff have increased more than tenfold as our reputation and track record of success have grown.

We use our financial expertise to examine what grounds there are to bring an action to recover your losses. If we find that your case meets the criteria for an action we can put it together with the utmost care and bring those responsible to account. More than 9,000 satisfied clients can testify to our effectiveness and the benefits of our no-win, no-fee service.

Our approach is thorough, professional and robust. We know that mis-selling can cost people a lot, both financially and emotionally. We also know that people deserve an opportunity to challenge the actions of those who are to blame for the losses.

We win cases because of our dedicated approach and because we are experts in our field.

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Scott Sheedy


I set up Hardwick after i was made redundant in 2009 after spending several months in hospital.

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